Saturday, January 13, 2007

walking through the shadows of the row part 1

In this world of fast moving technology, and new inventions, we have set our agendas only on one mission and that is to serve our own egos. have we forgotten about our fellow man, have we forgotten how to care and be compassionate towards one another. as I walk the streets of seattle washington I see the weary and tired faces of men and women who roam the streets of our city, I came from washington DC. a city very much in turmoil as seattle. however the many services available in seattle does out weigh what services that are available in DC. I have to ask myself sometimes. where have all of the jobs gone. why is there so much poverty in our nation. we are considered a superpower, but yet we ignore our poor. we say we are the greatest nation in the world. but our actions say otherwise. we say we are a nation of opportunity, but for whom are we the nation of opportunity for. americans born and raisied in this country have a hard time getting the main essential things needed to live on. but yet america says we are a land of opportunity. poverty and homelessness is rising to tremendous heights but yet america says there is opportunity for everyone. where is that opportunity that america speaks of. where is the generosity of the american people. veterans who went to fight for america, have now come home, and even they cannot find decent jobs and good wages. they are not treated with the respect that they deserve.
america can be a very cold hearted and ruthless place to live for anyone. when you are an honest person you are practically walked all over. maybe that's why people who are honest are in poverty, because of their honesty. religion in america has become big business, and is in many cases a corrupt system of organizing. in the case of many gospel rescue missions, this one rackett if you will how a hypocritcal form of thinking will control the weak. I have been across america and I see this sort of thing go on all of the time. and when a person speaks out against their system, that person is automatically banned forever from that property. and african americans are very easily duped into this type of hypocrisy. it is sad. because as an african american myself I see the brainwashing that my people endure. and who gets all of the gravey. the institution of course. as I go across america. why are so many african americans homeless. I have even written the NAACP concerning the issue. not once have I gotten a response. which comes to show that african americans don't really give a damn about one another. we blame this on whites, which in fact maybe true, but I still think that african americans can show more compassion toward one another. walking through the shadows of the row part 2 will continue later

this story written by August H Mallory

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